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Farm Equipment Division - Loader Attachment

Loader Attachment

Technical Specifications

B Effective Height 12 / 13.5 ft
C Dump Height at 45º 10.7 / 11 ft

For Booster Bucket

C Dump Height at 45º 13.2 / 14.2 ft
1 Max. Bucket Capacity 900 kg
2 Dump Angle 51º
3 Working Depth 150 mm

Working Times

1 From Ground to Max. Height 8 Secs
2 Unloading 5 Secs

Silent Features
  • Single lever operation
  • Loader detachable from the tractor within 15 mins.
  • Four Bar linkage for better control.
  • Excellent bucket angle 51º.
  • Can also be used for spreading operations.
  • Bharat Loader can be fitted even on old tractors.
Booster Bucket

Booster Bucket

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