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Suction & Garden Pipes

uPVC Plasticizers and Pipe Industries, Nandyal, has been promoted by the well known Getech Group of Companies. The company has gained high reputation in the field of the manufacture of PVC HOSES & DRIP IRRIGATION system in a remarkably short span of time, the credit of which goes to the chairman of the Group Sri S.P.Y.Reddy, a great visionary technocrat and pioneer in the PVC industry.

uPVC Plasticizers and Pipe Industries has an infrastructure and operating systems which mach the highest standards practiced in the industry. The manufacturing activities are well taken care of by a team of highly competent professionals. The rich knowledge base and the vast experience of our team members backed by our time tested technology give us the right platform we require to provide the sort of smooth and flawless service we claim to provide. Our standardized operating systems provide quality services adequate to the products manufactured by the company.

PVC Heavy Duty Suction House - Applications

  • Construction and other industries.
  • Suction of water, agriculture and others.
  • Suction of saline water, light acids, sewage, alkaline and other chemicals excepting industry.
  • Suction of dug chart.
  • Civil engineering and sub way mining constructions.
  • Fish and shipping industry.
  • Conveying of granules of fine particulars of raw material in processing industries.

Features & Specifications
  • Minimum friction & maximum flow is maintained.
  • Good environmental stress crack, corrosion, frost, abrasion crush, kink not and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent pressure & vaccum ratings.
  • Easy and quick installation and safe portable water supply.
  • Product range from 25 mm to 110 mm.
Product Description

Size mm inch Bending Radius in mm Thickness in mm Pressure kg/cm² Brusting kg/cm² kgs Approx Weight in kgs Length in mts
25 3/4 55 2.0 8.0 17.0 6 30
32 1 105 2.5 7.5 15.0 7 30
40 1 1/4 150 2.5 5.5 14.5 11 30
50 1 1/2 165 3.0 5.0 14.0 15 30
63 2 185 3.5 4.5 13.0 22 30
75 2 1/2 225 3.5 4.0 13.5 30 30
90 3 250 4.0 4.0 12.0 40 30
110 4 300 5.0 3.5 10.0 75 300

PVC Petrol & Garden Tubes

The unit also manufactures PVC petrol and garden tubes in the range of 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm. Salient Features of the same are as under:

  • Electronic products and vehicle parts.
  • Transfer pipe for petrol, diesel and kerosene.
  • Medical equipment piping system.
  • Ice-rink constructions.
  • For gardening.
  • For domestic
  • Any other portable use.
  • Made of super powder of PVC and inner and outer side are made smoother with the soft PVC compound.
  • It is flexible and durable enough against tube and cover pressure.
  • Available in various colours.

Product Description

Size Bundel wt/kg Length mtm




1 1/4

1 1/2











Drip Irrigation

Dripper: ISI CM/L: 6390170, Pipe: CM/L: 6376883


UPVC Plasticizers and Pipes Industries, Nandyal, an important unit of the prestigious Getech Group of companies manufactures, quality oriented – long lasting Drip Irrigation Systems to suit your needs and they are now before you.

  • When your land is not leveled.
  • When the land does not have sufficient water source and supply.
  • To avoid wastage of water in irrigation.
  • When you are not able to five uniform irrigation to the field.
  • When you want to supply required nutrients with uniform distribution and reduce / save 25% expenditure in Fertilizer application.
  • Drip for saline and alkaline soils and get excellent yields.
  • Drip in lands of excess weed growth, Reduce weed growth and save labor cost.
  • For all Orchards, Flower Plants, Sugarcane, Maize, Vegetables and Wheat and for all types of plants and trees.
  • Drip and increase pest and disease resistance in the plants.
  • Drip, to bring your excess land under irrigation.
  • Drip, for augmenting productivity upto 30% of normal production.

OUR Production with online

Laterals 16 mm
12 mm
Drippers 4 Lph
8 Lph

Our Production with inline

Inline Laterals 16 mm – 60 cm 4 Lph
16 mm – 40 cm 4 Lph
12 mm – 40 cm 4 Lph
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Latest News

Our new innovation of Friction welded Induction Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.

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